Sons of Ireland’s FREE St. Patrick’s Day Event

March 16th 2019

Piedmont, OK

We want to show our appreciation for you helping make our event business what it is today and at the same time CELEBRATE a great IRISH holiday weekend!

48 team capacity

  • Available divisions

    • 4th boys, 5th boys, 6th boys, 7th boys, 8th boys, and 9/10th boys

    • 5/6th girls and 7/8th girls

2 games per team

We will take the first 6 team to sign-up in each division.

If you are not in the first 6 to sign up for a division, we will put you on a waiting list. If one division does not fill up to 6 teams we will allow other divisions to grow past 6 teams.

Sponsored by:

Robyn Promotions & Images Hair Salon